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Finding the perfect wine or spirit is a personal journey that depends on your tastes, the occasion, and the paired food. Union Wine & Liquors understands the unique qualities that wines, spirits, and beers provide to the drinking experience. Wines, with a broad range of flavors resulting from the fermentation of distinct grape varietals, offer a one-of-a-kind experience when compared to other alcoholic beverages. In a similar manner, spirits have a special depth and complexity due to the rich flavors produced during the distillation process. Whether you're looking for a bottle of exquisite wine to complement a special dinner or a unique spirit to improve your cocktail experience, our collection is tailored to your every need.

Wine Selection at Union Wine & Liquors

Our collection includes a wide variety of high-quality wines, each with its own unique flavor profile. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you understand the subtle variations between wines, ensuring that you select a bottle that not only complements your meal but also enhances your overall dining experience. Union Wine & Liquors provides the following wine categories:

By Style

  • Red: Red wines captivate with their full-bodied richness and complex profiles, ideal for enhancing the flavors of robust dishes like steak and aged cheeses. Their spectrum of aromas, from ripe berries to earthy notes, caters to a broad range of palates and dining occasions.
  • White: Celebrated for their light and refreshing qualities, white wines offer a diverse palette from the zesty citrus of a Sauvignon Blanc to the buttery richness of a well-oaked Chardonnay. They are perfect companions for seafood, poultry, or enjoyed as a refreshing drink on their own.
  • Rosé & Blush: Rosé and blush wines are cherished for their versatility and delicate flavors, blending the crispness of white wines with the fruity character of reds. They are excellently suited for spring and summer gatherings, pairing beautifully with salads and light pasta dishes.
  • Champagne & Sparkling: Champagne and sparkling wines are synonymous with celebration, offering a range of taste profiles from the bone-dry brut to the sweet demi-sec. Their effervescence and acidity make them a splendid match for a wide array of dishes, from appetizers to desserts.
  • Dessert & Port: Dessert wines and ports are luxuriously sweet, with an intensity of flavors that can include notes of honey, nuts, and dried fruits. These wines are perfect for savoring at the end of a meal, either as a complement to dessert or as a dessert in their own right.

By Varietal

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: This varietal is the king of red wines, coming from the Bordeaux region of France but now grown throughout the world. Its thick skin and high tannin content allow it to age gracefully, resulting in richer flavors over time. It thrives in a variety of climates, producing wines that range from bold and intense to elegant and refined, making it a popular choice among red wine lovers.
  • Chardonnay: Chardonnay, which originated in the Burgundy region of France, is the world's most popular white wine grape. Its adaptability to various climates and winemaking techniques enables a diverse range of styles, from unoaked mineral-driven wines to opulent and oaky. Its inherent versatility extends to food pairings, enhancing everything from simple seafood dishes to complex, creamy sauces.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: This aromatic grape variety is most closely associated with the Loire Valley in France and New Zealand. It is famous for producing crisp, dry, and refreshing wines with high acidity and distinct flavors of lime, green apple, passion fruit, and grass. Sauvignon Blanc goes well with the freshness of summer salads, the richness of fatty fish, and the intensity of Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.
  • Red Blends: Blending different red wine grapes allows winemakers to create complex, multidimensional wines that combine the best features of each variety. This practice has a long history, especially in Bordeaux, where blending has been elevated to the status of art. Red blends can be soft and fruity or rich and full-bodied, offering a varied palate experience.
  • Pinot NoirThis grape, from the Burgundy region of France, is well-known for being difficult to grow and requiring a specific climate to thrive. When the conditions are right, it produces some of the world's most profound and nuanced wines, with aromas ranging from cherries to raspberries to forest floor. Pinot Noir's elegant profile makes it a versatile pairing choice, enhancing the flavors of a wide range of dishes.
  • Pinot Grigio:  This grape variety, also known as Pinot Gris, yields wines ranging from light and crisp to full and rich, depending on region and winemaking technique. Pinot Grigio's light body makes it an excellent aperitif and versatile pairing with light pasta dishes, seafood, and poultry, providing a refreshing counterbalance to light and delicate flavors.
  • Rose: Rosé wines are made from a wide range of grapes and produced in such a way that the juice has little contact with the skins, giving the wine its distinct pink hue. They can be found all over the world, with the most notable examples coming from Provence, France. Rosés are well-known for their ability to complement a variety of dishes, from grilled meats to salads and seafood, capturing the essence of summer in a glass.

By Country

  • France: France, as the historical heartland of winemaking, sets a global standard for its diverse and prestigious wine regions. From Bordeaux's powerful reds to Burgundy's nuanced Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, and Champagne's iconic sparkling wines, French wines are known for their sophistication, terroir expression, and unrivaled quality. These wines reflect centuries of winemaking tradition and innovation, making France an ideal destination for wine lovers.
  • Italy: Italy's wine heritage is as diverse as its landscape, spanning a wide range of styles and flavors. Italian wines, from the robust Barolos and Barbarescos of Piedmont to the vibrant Chiantis of Tuscany and the refreshing Proseccos of Veneto, are a testament to the country's regional diversity and culinary appeal. Italy's winemaking prowess stems from a deep connection to local traditions and terroirs, resulting in a fusion of ancient techniques and modern innovation.
  • Spain: Spain's vinicultural regions produce a diverse range of wines, including age-worthy Riojas and fresh and aromatic Albariños in Galicia. Spanish wines are distinguished by their wide range of grape varieties, traditional aging processes, and the dynamic contrast between classic and modern winemaking techniques. Spain's rich wine culture is inextricably linked to its cuisine, making these wines excellent pairings for a variety of dishes.
  • Germany: Germany's winemaking is synonymous with Riesling, a grape that produces wines renowned for their balance of sweetness and acidity, ranging from bone-dry to luscious sweet. The cool climate of regions such as Mosel and Rheingau enables the production of wines of exceptional freshness and precision. German wines are gaining global recognition for their quality and versatility, making them excellent pairings with everything from spicy Asian cuisine to traditional German dishes.
  • ArgentinaArgentina, best known for its Malbec, has emerged as a producer of rich, full-bodied red wines that have piqued the interest of wine lovers all over the world. Argentina's high-altitude vineyards in Mendoza and cooler climate varietals in Patagonia demonstrate the country's unique terroir and innovative winemaking. Argentine wines are known for their bold flavors, making them perfect for pairing with grilled meats and hearty meals.
  • United States: The American wine industry has thrived, particularly in California, Oregon, and Washington, producing a wide range of varietals and styles. American winemakers are known for their pioneering spirit, which includes both traditional and experimental winemaking methods. From California's world-renowned Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnays to Oregon's delicate Pinot Noirs and Washington's robust Syrahs, the United States boasts a diverse range of high-quality wines that reflect the changing landscape of American viticulture.
  • New Zealand: New Zealand, best known for its Sauvignon Blanc, has established a reputation for vibrant, aromatic wines that are in high demand around the world. The cool climate and varied terrain contribute to high-quality Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and other varietals. New Zealand's commitment to sustainability and expressive, fruit-forward wines displays the country's modern winemaking approach, with each region bringing its own distinct characteristics and emphasis on quality.

By Region

  • Bordeaux: Bordeaux, France, is well-known for its legendary red blends, which are primarily made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes and are prized for their depth, complexity, and ageability. Bordeaux whites, both sweet and dry, are equally valued, demonstrating the versatility and excellence of the region's terroir. This region is known for its structured, elegant wines, which have captivated wine enthusiasts for centuries.
  • Tuscany: Tuscany is the heart of Italian winemaking, and the beauty of the landscape is matched only by the quality of the wines. Tuscany is well-known for Sangiovese-based wines like Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino, and the wines are as unique as the region's history. These wines are well-known for their ability to complement Italian cuisine, demonstrating the deep connection between the land, its people, and its food.
  • Rioja: Rioja, Spain, is known for its vibrant Tempranillo-based red wines, which range from fruity and approachable to deeply complex and age-worthy. Rioja's commitment to traditional oak barrel aging imparts a distinct smoothness and complexity to the wines, cementing its reputation for quality and tradition in Spanish winemaking.
  • Burgundy: Burgundy, in France, is renowned for its refined winemaking, particularly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The emphasis on terroir and the nuanced expression of specific vineyard sites results in wines that are highly regarded for their elegance, complexity, and ability to convey a sense of place. Burgundy remains a benchmark for winemakers and wine enthusiasts around the world, with many aspiring to achieve its delicate balance of power and refinement.
  • Napa Valley: Napa Valley, California, is a showcase for American winemaking excellence, particularly its robust Cabernet Sauvignon. The region's innovative spirit, combined with its favorable climate and diverse soils, enables winemakers to produce wines of exceptional depth, richness, and variety. Napa Valley wines demonstrate the dynamic and forward-thinking approach to viticulture and winemaking that distinguishes the best of American wine production.
The selection from Union Wine & Liquors shows a dedication to quality and variety, appealing to every taste and occasion. Our trained staff is here to guide you through our broad selection and locate the best option for your needs. 

Spirits Selection at Union Wine & Liquors

Union Wine & Liquors has a large selection of spirits to meet the diverse tastes of our consumers. Our selection includes a diverse range of premium spirits, each with its own distinct flavors and characteristics. Whether you're looking for a new spirit to enjoy on your own or the perfect ingredient for your cocktail mixtures, our educated staff is committed to assisting you in finding a spirit that truly connects with your tastes. Union Wine & Liquors offers the following spirit categories: 

By Style

  • Vodka: Vodka, with its neutral profile and smooth finish, is an excellent base for a variety of cocktails. This spirit's versatility and purity make it a popular choice in bars all over the world, particularly among those who prefer a clean, unobtrusive base for their mixed drinks. Whether in a classic martini or a modern cocktail, vodka's appeal stems from its versatility and ability to highlight other ingredients.
  • Whiskey: Whiskey is a testament to the craft of distillation, aging, and blending, with a wide range of styles that capture the essence of their respective regions. This category has a wide range of flavors, including the peaty depths of Scotch whisky, the sweet, corn-rich character of American Bourbon, and the smooth, triple-distilled Irish whiskey. Whiskey enthusiasts enjoy exploring its complexities, whether neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for a well-crafted cocktail.
  • Sake: Sake, Japan's revered rice wine, strikes an ideal balance between tradition and delicate flavors that range from light and floral to rich and savory. Its nuanced flavor profile pairs well with a variety of dishes, particularly those from its native Japanese cuisine, making it a versatile choice for pairing or as a refined beverage on its own. Sake's unique production process and variety of styles offer insight into the depths of Japanese fermenting craftsmanship.
  • Tequila: Tequila, the soul of Mexico, is well-known for its bold, agave-driven flavors that range from bright and peppery to smooth and aged. This spirit is the base for many popular cocktails, most notably the Margarita, but it also shines in more subtle sipping options that highlight its complexity and depth. Tequila's rich cultural heritage and diverse expressions make it an appealing spirit for both casual and serious drinkers.
  • Rum: With each sip, rum captures the spirit of the tropics, with flavors ranging from light and crisp to dark and richly aged. This sugarcane-based spirit is as diverse as the islands from which it originates, transporting the drinker to sandy beaches with its sweet, fruity notes or to a refined tasting room with its complex, aged variations. Rum's versatility in both cocktails and sipping experiences demonstrates its long-lasting popularity.
  • Gin: Gin's botanical bouquet, led by the distinct character of juniper, is the foundation of its long-lasting popularity. This spirit, which once propelled the British Empire's navy and inspired the classic London dry style, continues to fuel mixology innovation and creativity. Gin is the star of many iconic cocktails, including the Gin and Tonic and the Martini, offering a refreshing and aromatic experience that is both versatile and unique.
  • Brandy: Brandy, with its rich, warming character, is distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice and is available in a wide range of flavors, from the elegantly smooth Cognacs and Armagnacs of France to vibrant fruit brandies from around the world. This spirit is known for its complexity and depth, and it is best enjoyed neat or with minimal garnish to fully appreciate its subtle flavors. Brandy is a popular choice among spirits enthusiasts due to its long history of craftsmanship and aging.
  • LiqueurLiqueurs are the spirits industry's flavor artists, with ingredients ranging from fruits and herbs to spices and coffee. These sweet, often colorful concoctions enhance the depth and interest of cocktails by combining sweetness and flavor. Liqueurs, whether used as a main ingredient in a mixed drink, as a digestif, or drizzled over dessert, are a fun and versatile way to enhance a wide range of beverages and dishes.

By Country

  • United States: The global success of Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey demonstrates the vibrancy and diversity of the United States' spirit culture. From small craft distilleries to iconic brands, American spirit makers are innovating within traditions to create unique vodkas, gins, rums, and other beverages. This combination of heritage and innovation propels the United States to the forefront of the spirits industry, with something to suit every taste.
  • France: France's spirit legacy is defined by the elegance of Cognac and the complexity of Armagnac, both of which are made from wine and are known for their depth and character. Aside from these, France produces an exquisite variety of liqueurs and eaux-de-vie, reflecting centuries of distillation expertise. French spirits are synonymous with sophistication, boasting unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.
  • Ireland: Irish whiskey is renowned for its exceptionally smooth, triple-distilled quality, making it a popular choice among whiskey enthusiasts worldwide. Ireland's whiskeys range from peated malts on rugged coastlines to light, grain-based blends in the countryside, making them both diverse and approachable. This whiskey-making tradition, which is deeply rooted in Irish culture, continues to captivate and delight with each sip.
  • JapanJapan's spirits, particularly whiskies, have received worldwide recognition for their meticulous craftsmanship and refined profiles. Japanese sake, a staple of the country's culinary tradition, ranges from robust and savory to light and sweet, demonstrating rice's versatility as a fermenting ingredient. Each bottle conveys Japan's dedication to quality and refinement, offering a unique tasting experience.
  • Italy: Italy's contribution to the spirits world is notable for its rich, flavorful grappa, bitter amaro, and zesty limoncello, which reflect the country's regional diversity and culinary heritage. Italian spirits are frequently consumed as part of the aperitivo or digestivo ritual, emphasizing their importance in dining and socializing. These spirits reflect Italy's love of rich flavors and traditions.
  • Mexico: Tequila and mezcal, spirits that capture the essence of the agave plant in their bold and complex flavors, are the most famous products of Mexico's distilling tradition. Mexican spirits, ranging from Jalisco's smooth, sippable tequilas to Oaxaca's smoky, artisanal mezcals, reflect the country's rich cultural history and innovative spirit. Each sip tells a story about tradition, terroir, and craftsmanship, making Mexican spirits a fascinating exploration for both experts and casual drinkers.
At Union Wine & Liquors, we have an extensive selection of spirits to suit every taste, occasion, and budget. Whether you are an enthusiast or a casual drinker, our trained staff is here to guide you through our large selection and locate the best option for your needs. Union Wine & Liquor, located at 2675 Union Road in Cheektowaga, NY, is your premier destination for an extensive variety of alcoholic beverages to suit any occasion. We welcome you to explore our vast collection of high-quality spirits and wines in-store or browse our selection online at www.unionwineandliquor.com. For personalized recommendations, don't hesitate to contact us at (716) 608-6190.